Our History
FIrst Waldorf School

Where it all began

The first Waldorf school opened its doors in 1919 for the children of workers in the Waldorf-Astoria Cigarette Factory in Stuttgart , Germany.  Founded by Rudolf Steiner from his deep understanding of the human spirit and human development and offering a curriculum appropriate for each stage of a child’s development, Waldorf Schools now number more than 900 worldwide.

Waldorf Schools offer a classical education that integrates the arts with core academics. Children learn in an environment that nurtures their unique capabilities and inspires their imagination and free-thinking.  The video below from Marin Waldorf School containing interviews of Waldorf teachers, parents, students, and child development experts describes some of the unique qualities of a Waldorf education.

Our School

Four Winds Waldorf School was founded in 1994 by a group of parents dedicated to Steiner’s developmentally appropriate, experiential approach to education.  Starting with a preschool of 7 children and adding a 1st grade every year thereafter, the first 8th grade class graduated in 2003.   Each year our graduates transition into local high schools, many of them well-equipped to take on  Advanced Placement classes.