Admissions Overview

Our goal at the Four Winds Waldorf School is to provide your child with a successful and fulfilling educational experience. Parent involvement and commitment to the overall development of the child is imperative for optimum achievement.

The admissions process begins with a school tour, followed by submission of an application and fee. The next step involves a meeting with the parents and an observation of the child to mutually ascertain if the school is a good fit for the child and family. The final step after being notified of acceptance is signing the enrollment contract and arranging a payment schedule.

Steps in the Admissions Process:

  1. Attend a School Tour
    The first step in the admissions process is to attend a Tour, Preschool Sampler or Waldorf Journey/Grades Sampler.
  2. Initial Application
    Complete the Application Form and send it in or drop it off with the non-refundable $75 (per child) application fee.
  3. Recommendations and Transcripts
    Early Childhood:
    Complete the Pre-K/Kindergarten Recommendation Form (link to the Pre-K/Kindergarten Recommendation form) ​
    Grades 1-8: ​
    Transcripts are to be sent from applicant’s current school. Please complete Transcript ​Request Form if needed (link to the Transcript Request form)
  4. Parent-Teacher Interview
    Grades 1-8
    An interview will be held with you and your child's potential teacher. This allows ​parents to learn about the Waldorf philosophy and classroom expectations.
  5. Visit
    Early Childhood
    ​• Current School Year – 1-2 day in-class visit
    ​• Upcoming School Year – attendance at a pre-scheduled “Applicant Playgroup”     with the Early Childhood Faculty
    ​• Summer Applicants – all summer applicants are placed on a 4 week trial             contract ​
    Grades 1 - 8
    ​• Current & Upcoming School Year – 2-day class visit and placement on a 4         week trial ​contract
    ​• Summer Applicants – all summer applicants are placed on a 4 week trial             contract
  6. Additional Considerations
    If necessary, additional conversations/screenings may be scheduled.
  7. Notification
    You will receive the acceptance status of your child into the Four Winds Waldorf School.
  8. *Early Childhood Class Assignments will be announced at the beginning of August based upon Enrollment. Children who turn 5 years of age by May 29, 2015 are considered “True Kindergarteners” and are required to register for 5 days per week. True Kindergarteners are considered candidates for the 2016 First Grade class. Each candidate will participate in a First Grade Readiness Screening in January or February to determine readiness to begin elementary school in the fall.

  9. Reservation of Class Space
    The enrollment contract and deposit are due to reserve your child's space.
  10. Tuition Rates and Policies
    Families who are accepted can apply for tuition adjustments based on financial need. We believe a Waldorf education should be accessible to those families who value the ideals, curriculum and learning environment. The Tuition Adjustment Program recognizes that every family adds value to the school community. Each family has a unique financial situation; our goal is to determine a tuition rate that is sustainable for the family and the school for the school year in which the student is enrolling. Call the school for more details.