Parent-Child Program
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Long before children are ready for formal schooling, there is a yearning in their hearts for connection with all that is around them. The Four Winds Waldorf School Parent-Child Program provides education and resources for parents and their young children from infancy to three years of age.

Participants come together once a week in an inviting and nurturing environment that echoes the rhythms and atmosphere of the home and of a Waldorf Early Childhood classroom. The classes encourage young children to explore and engage in the wonders of the first years of life in group play. They offer parents a place to connect, find a supportive group, discuss child development and parenting issues, and learn about Waldorf education with an experienced classroom teacher.

As part of the experience, children and parents participate in circle time, make simple crafts, prepare snack, enjoy stories and puppet shows, and engage in outdoor play on our beautiful grounds weather permitting. Parents also discuss a number of parenting and child development issues such as nutrition, creative discipline, media exposure, the role of play in early childhood, and alternatives in education. Selections from You are Your Child’s First Teacher by Rahima Baldwin set the theme for our conversations.

  Fall Session – 13 weeks 9/8/14 – 12/10/14 no class November 24,25, 26 Winter Session – 9 weeks 1/5/15 – 3/11/15 no class March 16, 17,18 Spring Session – 9 weeks 3/16/15 – 5/20/15 no class March 30, 31, April 1
before 9/1/14 $342 *no class also October 13 after 9/1/14 $367 *no class also October 13 before 12/17/14 $232 *no class also January 19 after 12/17/14 $257 *no class also January 19 before 3/4/15 $232 *no class also April 6 after 3/14/15 $257 *no class also April 6
before 9/1/14 $370 after 9/1/14 $395 before 12/17/14 $260 after 12/17/14 $285 before 3/4/15 $260 after 3/14/15 $285
before 9/1/14 $370 after 9/1/14 $395 before 12/17/14 $260 after 12/17/14 $285 before 3/4/15 $260 after 3/14/15 $285